About Us

For the Kids takes the latest in childhood development research and provides practical, easy to read articles, for parents and teachers who strive to do better for the kids.

Everything we do, we do it… For the Kids!

Who is behind For the Kids?

Content is written by Kelly Hunter, an Australian mum of two, studying a Master of Teaching in Early Childhood.

During her first year of study, Kelly was finding really interesting and helpful information that would have been amazing to know during the early years of raising her two kids. She also discovered plenty of information that would be super helpful in navigating the primary and secondary school years, as well as the dreaded adolescent years.

Kelly simply thought this info would be so helpful for parents and teachers alike to be able to read about all these little facts from the latest childhood development research, without all the dry academic language. And her husband needed a tech project to sink his teeth into, and that’s how For the Kids was born.